General Rules and Regulations

(for Rotation Rules click here)


  • The Club courts are available to members and invited guests only.

  • Tennis play is between 9:00am and court maintenance at dusk. No play is permitted before 9:00am.

  • The Club courts may not be used for paid and/or compensated instruction.

Tennis Etiquette

  • Courtesy, fair play, congeniality and cooperation are expected of members and guests at all times. Violations should be reported in writing to the President. Please cross courts promptly and quietly behind the baselines between points.

  • Waiting players should keep conversation at a low level. Cell phones and other handheld devices must be in vibration/silent mode, and any cell phone conversations must be outside the court enclosure.

  • Shoes appropriate for clay courts and shirts are required. Non–tennis-playing children, pets and strollers are not allowed in the court enclosure.

Vehicle Safety and Parking

  • Please drive carefully and slowly in the neighborhood, respect our neighbors, and do not park within 5 feet of driveways.

  • Cars may be parked only on the west side (court side) of Manchester Road. Avoid parking on Wenham Road as it’s a cul de sac; if you must, please park on the north (odd numbered) side of that street.

  • The area in front of the gate is a “No Parking” zone.

Court Maintenance

  • This work is essential to preserving our courts and is done before 9:00am, from 12:00–1:30pm, and in the evening.

  • Players occasionally may be asked to shift courts to accommodate work. Please comply with these requests.

Arranged Play

  • Arranged play is limited to 90 minutes if players are waiting.

  • Please consult the court schedule for details and vacate the courts at the designated change–over time if members are waiting to play. Arranged matches are NOT permitted on rotation courts.

  • For each new arranged play session, waiting groups of 2-4 players have priority over groups who played in the previous session. This priority applies both to court use and court selection.

  • If there are more groups than courts, a representative from each group spins or draws numbers to determine who is to play. An individual player may not hold a court. When the schedule changes from arranged to rotation play, priority is given to incoming rotation players.

Rotation Play

(Please see the Rotation Page of this website for a complete explanation and rules of Rotation play.)

  • Rotation is a venerated tradition and a featured attraction of Lakewood.  The goal of Rotation is to allow players to show up and play a competitive game of tennis at either the Regular or Advanced level. There are minimum skill levels required for both Regular and Advanced Rotation.  The rules of rotation play must be observed strictly. Players enter matches on the basis of their waiting order on the bench, with new arrivals having no priority over those who have played previously during the rotation session.

  • Advanced Rotation is intended for those who qualify for a more competitive and a faster game. Regular rotation rules for court selection, scoring and changeovers will apply.

  • On holidays, a Sunday schedule is followed. 

guest privileges

  • Guests may play only with a member present. Members are responsible for signing in their guest(s).  The names of the member and guest(s) must be entered in the club’s scheduler before play begins.

  • A guest may play at Lakewood not more than two (2) times per calendar month. Also, one of the two times must be “off-peak” for the sessions starting at 10:30am and 1:30pm on weekdays. Observance of this limit is the responsibility of the member.

  • Each member is limited to four (4) guest invitations per month. Members may have only one guest at a time, except on weekdays for the sessions starting at 10:30am and 1:30pm when a member may bring up to three (3) guests. Observance of this limit is the responsibility of the member.

  • Houseguests may join members at Lakewood for a period not to exceed two (2) weeks. The President or Vice-President must be notified in advance of such temporary arrangements. Please make use of off-peak hours when possible.

Junior Members

  • Junior members are the children under age 18 of Lakewood members.

  • Junior members must play with their parents, and must yield at all times to other members waiting for a court (unless two full members are playing with the junior member).

  • Junior members cannot play in rotation.

Events and Tournaments

  • Requests for special events must be submitted in advance in writing to the President and Vice-President.