Admissions Criteria and Process

Download 2021 Admissions Packet

NOTE: The Lakewood Board has determined that the Club will be accepting new members for the 2021 season.

The Lakewood Board of Directors has established the following criteria for applicants wishing to be admitted as new members:

  1. Applicants, like all members, must observe court courtesy and sportsmanship, and abide by Lakewood’s rules and regulations at all times.

  2. Members, other than junior members (children of members), must be 18 years of age or over.

  3. Immediate neighbors of the Lakewood courts, former members, spouses and children of members who meet the other criteria have priority. After that, Newton residents have priority over non-residents.

  4. Applicants must show a minimum tennis skill level, as described below.

Rotation play is the unique feature of Lakewood Tennis Club and occupies a substantial amount of the prime playing hours. The communal nature of rotation places special demands on our admission process:

  • Each applicant must be able to support his/her end of the game.

  • Each applicant must be a person with whom other members will enjoy sharing a court.

The Board seeks to enhance the quality of rotation play for all members.  We encourage recruitment and admission of both Intermediate and Advanced players. For the satisfaction of players with advanced skills, Lakewood schedules several Advanced Rotations every week.

Sponsors are personally vouching for an applicant and his/her level of play. To that end, the sponsor needs to have played tennis with the applicant.  All individuals nominated for membership will attend an orientation/evaluation session with members of the Board and other Club members.  This will include one to two hours of play and evaluation. Applicants will be judged to be either eligible or not eligible for membership.

What Minimum Skills Must a Candidate Member Bring to the Court?

  • Dependable strokes on both sides under moderate pressure.

  • The strength, ability and willingness to move on the court and chase down shots.

  • The ability to volley at the service line and at the net.

  • The ability to serve with some strength and reliability.

Admission Process

  1. All applicants must be sponsored by a member in good standing. Sponsors are personally vouching for an applicant, and must know the applicant.  Each year the Board determines whether and how many new members can be admitted.  If the Board opts to admit new members, an application package may be obtained on this website in March and/or April.  An announcement will be sent to members with the exact dates each year.

  2. The sponsor submits the Membership Application, a $150 Fee per person applicable to the initiation fee of $300, and the Sponsor’s Questionnaire to the Vice President. If the application is accepted by the Board, the applicant and sponsor will be invited to an Orientation/Evaluation Session.

  3. Prospective members must attend one of the Orientation/Evaluation Sessions scheduled at the beginning of the season, where the rules, especially those governing Rotation, Advanced Rotation, and Arranged Play are explained. Prospective members’ level of play will be judged by Board Members and other Club members at the session. Equally important, the candidate gets to experience our rotation paradigm and can judge whether Lakewood fulfills his/her expectation.

  4. After the Orientation/Evaluation Session, a Dance Card may be issued to each applicant meeting the minimum skills requirement, depending on how many openings are available. The Dance Card is completed by coming to rotation at least three times, including at least once on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and once during the week (evenings). The Dance Card must be completed and returned by the due date in the Application Package, along with payment of the annual dues (currently $260) and the $150 balance of the application fee.  Dance Cards returned after the due date will not be considered. Up to this point, any candidate who is rejected or decides not to join will have their payment(s) returned.

  5. Upon the Board’s acceptance of the Dance Card, the applicant becomes a provisional member of Lakewood, with all rights except voting. All provisional memberships are reviewed before the Annual meeting in November. If approved by the Board, each provisional member becomes a full member and may vote at the Annual Meeting. A provisional member not approved by the Board ceases to be a member of Lakewood Tennis Club.